Mexican Academy of Sciences

Science on Sundays


Program Director:
Dr. Raymundo Cea Olivares


Science on Sundays began in 1982 at the National Electricity Commission’s Technology Museum in Mexico City. The purpose of the program is to share science in a fun, friendly manner attractive to Mexican youth, with the hopes of inspiring scientific vocation and an interest in cultivating and furthering the production of science in Mexico. It is a pioneer academic program directed towards individuals outside the existing scientific community.


 The program has created an important tradition in Mexican society. Thirty-one years of uninterrupted activity make our program a source of pride and satisfaction for the AMC and for the conference leaders and activity coordinators who participate Sunday after Sunday to make this program possible. The program has had resounding success in the cultural sphere both in Mexico City and in various other locations throughout the country.


Science Sundays has been run by doctors Jorge Flores Valdés (1982-1992), Guillermo Aguilar Sahagún (1992-2007), and Mineko Shibayama Salas (2007-2011) in collaboration with three co-directors, Drs. Raymundo Cea Olivares, Salvador Cruz Jiménez and Juan Luis Cifuentes Lemus. Dr. Raymundo Cea Olivares has been Program Director since August 2011.


During the past 31 years, a total of 8,387 conferences have been held (as of December 2013) in a wide and diverse range of locations, as seen on the map below. In general, the program represents a first opportunity for young adults and children to come in contact with high level science and live an experience in scientific development.


The majority of locations in which the program has operated are educational institutions (primarily public state universities) though some programs have been hosted by local cultural centers, cultural fairs, museums and state agencies, and even private companies that provide goods and services. In each of these locations, the experiences have been rich and varied and each has lent its personal seal to the operation without compromising the program’s fundamental objective. In fact, at some locations the program has been given a more appropriate name. When conferences are held on Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays they are called “Science Monday (or Wednesday or Friday)” although depending on the audience, the program has also been called, “Science for Parents and Children,” “Science Wednesday,” “Science on Saturday,” etc… Despite these occasional changes, the program is generally known as Science Sundays.


Within the framework of this program, a new project called “Academic Science Sundays” was launched in 2005. This additional program coordinates support for the development of academic bodies at state public universities with the teaching of Science Sundays by scientists invited to collaborate with these academic bodies. The project has been satisfactorily carried out at both the Autonomous University of Baja California and Hidalgo State Autonomous University.


The program is currently active at 34 locations throughout the Mexican Republic (see annexed list). The Science Sundays program, as shown by our numbers, continues to disseminate the culture of science in Mexico, enable participants to interact with world-renowned scientists and provide a fun, friendly environment to share the knowledge our country so deeply needs.



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