Mexican Academy of Sciences


The Mexican Academy of Sciences is a nonprofit association. After 54 years, the Academy has brought together 2,570 members with outstanding academic careers who work in various institutions throughout the country and the world. The organization connects scientists from diverse fields of knowledge through the belief that science, technology and education are fundamental building blocks for the construction of nations, as well as the independent, critical thought that defines and defends Mexico’s autonomy. Based on the aforementioned, the Academy’s objectives are as follows:


·        To encourage dialogue amongst the national and international scientific community.

·        To situate the Mexican State and civil society within the fields of science and technology.

·        To produce and orient knowledge towards the solving issues that concern Mexico.

·        To encourage scientific investigation in various sectors of the population.

·        To seek national and international recognition for Mexican scientists.

·        To contribute to the construction of a modern and just society.


On August 12th, 1959, after the symbolic signing of the constitution with its corresponding statutes, the Academy for Scientific Investigation was founded.

Since then, the objective of the Academy has been to unite investigators who are active in a diversity of fields, in sharing their explorations, and in promoting discussion, criticism and joint reflection.

In 1996, the Academy for Scientific Research became the Mexican Academy of Sciences. This was not just a nominal shift; a series of meaningful changes accompanied it. The Academy went from generating a solid identity amongst Mexican scientists to building on and developing a successful and consequential set of academic programs for the scientific community and society at large.

Thus, from an organization that sought to connect truly active researchers, the Academy became one of the country’s most important mediums for spreading, supporting and promoting the diverse expressions of science through its programs and awards.

The Mexican Academy of Sciences has encouraged and defended noteworthy values throughout its history, such as:


·        Science being part of culture as it strengthens both independent thought and national sovereignty.

·        Academic and investigative freedoms being essential to scientific and technological labor.

·        The ability to produce knowledge as the country’s most important resource; which point can only be achieved through an impulse for basic science. Only through this impulse can knowledge solve national and global problems.

·        Basic science as an exploration of the laws of nature, making discoveries that inspire new theories and provide theoretical and methodological instruments for understanding the changing world.

·        Regarding the above, a struggle has been undertaken because we recognize that originality and creativity are indispensable skills for meeting the requirements of society and even the market, more so than technical skills which quickly become obsolete.

·        Ongoing evaluation and criticism of academic findings as central to scientific and technological tasks, in addition to being one of science’s most important activities.


Ultimately, this website is a way to establish constant communication between people who are interested in the work and activities undertaken by the Mexican Academy of Sciences. We invite you to visit us.