In 2015, Mexico and Germany created a binational commission for joint collaboration and the Mexico-Germany Dual Year is part of this initiative. It provides a unique opportunity to strengthen and give impetus to the bilateral relationship by putting in place a broad, cross-cutting program that promotes Mexico in Germany and Germany in Mexico. The program will include various […]

Technology: autonomous vehicles

A project developed by the Free University of Berlin which will be presented within the framework of the Year Dual Germany-Mexico.

SIDERAL conception

La Concepción o Adargas, es un meteorito metálico de 3.3 toneladas que fue transportado de la Sierra de Adargas cercana a Huejuquilla (Jiménez, Chihuahua) el 29 de abril de 1780 hacia la cercana Hacienda de La Concepción. El Instituto de Astronomía de la UNAM tiene su custodia desde 1976. Después de 40 años, este meteorito […]

Press Conference Germany-Mexico Dual Year 2016 – 2017

NOTE from the German Embassy in Mexico City On June 6, with a joint concert between Youth Philharmonic Orchestras of both countries in the Palace of Fine Arts, led by Alondra de la Parra, will officially start in the Latin American country, the Dual Year Germany Mexico. The press conference to present a program part […]